Boys of PHB

Boys of PHB
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Monday, August 4, 2014

Paths We Walk

When we're children and teens we see the path we're on as if in a forest.  There are trees and bushes in our way constantly.  No one there really gets why we feel how we do or why we want what we want.  It seems as if most things are more of a hindrance to who we really could be than a help. 

Then we reach a point in our childhood called adulthood.  We glance out into a lovely, wide expanse of a meadow.  It looks like we can do anything and be anything. It looks like there aren't any real paths to follow except the ones we create ourselves.  To a point that is true, but then we glance back into the forest of chaos that was our childhood and step out into the unknown, yet sought after freedom of being a grown up.

After that first step we suddenly realize that the meadow that we thought we were stepping into is yet another path we've already chosen for ourselves.  It is strewn with multiple pathways that we couldn't see from our jumping off place.  Suddenly adulthood is a confusing place and we realize that we're not sure which way to go.

As we go along the path we chose we realize some other pathways look much more inviting than the one we'er on.  Sometimes from where we're standing other pathways look much easier.  We notice that sometimes we stumble across paths that aren't our own and walk with others for a time.  Those times can lead us onto an easier time on our own path, or make us get lost trying to find the right one again.

Our path is our own.  If done right then our path can lead us to who we are supposed to be.  It can lead us to where we need to be in relation with others and our Heavenly Father.

I sometimes look back to ask myself how exactly I got to this point in my journey.  My path has widened to add others to my journey, while still being my own path.  I walk with my kids, but I can see the separation of pathways ahead and am not sure how I feel about it.  I'm thoroughly enjoying my adventure and am grateful for what I'm learning.

Along the way I've had people cross my path and sometimes I've walked a little way with them.  Sometimes all they've done is cross my path for a brief moment.  They have influenced me and helped me along, whether they knew it or not.  Sometimes even with an example or words to teach me how NOT to be. Still a lesson learned either way.

My path hasn't always been easy.  Often I've found the rockiest  times have been ones where I come out sore and tired, but with a grin on my face, knowing I've overcome that so the next one won't be so rough.  What I'm learning now is to grin WHILE I stumble and climb the rocky times.  Also, to help others up while I watch them climb a similar path.

Adulthood isn't what I'd thought it would be.  I really thought I'd be smarter, know more, at least feel like I have more wisdom than I did in my childhood.  I found, it's just more lessons along the way, just like then.  I'm learning right along with those around me.  My children have taught me more than I ever thought they could.  

This path I'm on now will teach me tons.  I had felt at peace with my life. I had a lot of twists and turns on my journey this past year and have changed a lot.  I really thought I'd be able to sit on my fallen log and take a sip of water, a deep breath and rest a moment.  It wasn't to be.  I'm off and running with the next big thing.  I'm nervous and not sure what this next turn in my path entails. It's things I've never done before and will certainly be an adventure.  

I'll just make sure I keep smiling and enjoy the trial I'm on through it all.

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