Boys of PHB

Boys of PHB
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

New year, January done

     It's a new year and I love new years. It gives me a chance to feel like I'm starting over and have a chance to make a new start and do better this time.  I'm excited for what this time will hold and look forward to new adventures.
     With last year it was fun.  We had to buy tons of new things (well, new to us anyway) and we now have our downstairs bathroom almost complete.  I'm excited to put the finishing touches on something we've been working on now for almost 3 years.  It was such a relief to finish the tiling.  I was so glad to learn a new skill. 
     Which brings me to this year.  I've been trying to practice piano for years.  If you don't want to do something or get something done there will always be an excuse to find.  I want to do piano, but I have this thing that I love knowing stuff, but I don't like to learn.  I know that's just crazy, but it's true.  Thing is, (and I fully blame my ADHD) I simply don't  have the patience to learn.  I love the knowing though.  So I struggle with the learning because I love the outcome.  Piano has been one of those things I've put off and put off.  I'm trying to get my kids to practice their instruments and now I'm realizing how hypocritical I've been.  I can't expect them to take time from the things they really want to be doing to practice, if I'm also not willing to be somewhat of an example to them by doing the same.  I'd rather be doing tons of other things rather than practicing.  My mom visited recently though and said she thought it was coming along.  I also started learning Spanish.
     For someone who doesn't like to learn I feel like I'm back in school.  I've decided to dedicate this year to food storage, getting the piano down well (enough to not have to pick out the song) and Spanish so I can communicate.
     I just had to find the motivation.  With food storage it was a money thing.  I realized last year with needing so many things and having to replace them was actually a blessing.  It means I'll have more of my tax return this year to purchase things like the food storage.  I'm grateful for that and excited to start something.  I usually get about a month and then we end up using it.  Now, with so many hungry boys it's hard to store anything.  My piano motivation came about because at church we need more people who can pitch hit.  I may never be great at it, but I can get good enough to pitch hit once in a while.  The Spanish was similar.  At work we need more people who can communicate with moms who need help with breastfeeding.  Although, now with that I'm wishing I could download lots of languages and just be a linguist.
     I'm excited for what this year will bring. I look forward to the rest of it with January down and my taxes done.  I am feeling positive about things and have found closure with other things.  Even though it's just more days ahead, it's the feeling of starting over that has me feeling excited and I'm so glad I have the chance every month and in a bigger way every year to feel this way.